Georgian ministry of defense brings suits against hundreds of soldiers


The Ministry of Defense has made claims in the court against hundreds of former soldiers who have violated conditions of the contract, the Center for Human Rights said.

The center said that the vast majority of respondents concluded the contracts with the ministry headed by Minister Irakli Okruashvili. At present, he is in opposition. “The Ministry of Defense demands 30,000-40,000 lari from each former soldier as a fine,” the center said.

Lawyer Lia Khuroshvili names the contractual terms as slavery. She said that the contract contains conditions that are discriminatory and contrary to current legislation.

“For example, a very high amount was indicated in Article 7.3 of the agreement for breach of the contract.

Moreover, a soldier states that proceeding from the agreement there will be no disputes concerning amounts indicated in the contract during consideration of suits.

This article is practically prohibits soldiers to appeal against the conditions of these articles, which is illegal, since previously it was denied to exercise justice and protect their rights through the court. These contracts are practically turn soldiers into slaves, ” the lawyer said.

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