Indictment proposal against Vučinić


The Third Municipal Belgrade Office of the Public Prosecutor has raised an indictment proposal against Siniša Vučinić. Vučinić is facing charges over threats directed at MP Žarko Korać and reporter Miloš Vasić, spokesman Dragan Milošević said on Wednesday.

Vučinić’s detention has been extended pending the next decision of the court, the Milošević said.

“The law envisages a prison sentence of up to three years for the crime of threatening security, so the prosecutor is required to raise an indictment proposal instead of an indictment based on the criminal charges and the investigative activities that were carried out,” the spokesman specified.

Vučinić, who presents himself as “president of the Initiative Committee of the Serbian Chetnik Movement of Republika Srpska (RS)”, threatened weekly Vreme reporter Vasić and Social Democratic Union (SDU) President and MP Korać via media in the RS in late July.

His letter addressed at the two men read that “they will fare like their friend Zoran Đinđić”.

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