Hague: Karadžić damages claim “too early”


The Hague Tribunal says Radovan Karadžić’s motion to have his sentence reduced or to receive damages for his “illegal arrest in Serbia” last year is too early.

Karadžić is accused of genocide and crimes against humanity against Muslims and Croats and of taking international hostages during the war in Bosnia from 1992 to 1995, Radio Free Europe reports.

In a motion to the court in early August, he said that he had been illegally arrested in Serbia on July 18 last year and asked the Tribunal to reduce his sentence in the event of his being convicted or order damages to be paid in the event of his acquittal.

The Trial Chamber ruled that the motion was “too early,” adding that it “depends on the outcome of a trial that has not even started yet.”

The judges stated in their decision that Karadžić would be able to make his case during or “towards the end of” his trial.

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