Sofia softens its policy towards Macedonia: media


The Bulgarian government’s policy towards Macedonia, actions of Bulgarian tourists on cleaning desecrated monument in Struga, as well as the pink BMW cars of the Bulgarian defense ministry are among the subjects related to Bulgaria in Macedonian media.

Kanal 5 TV channel comments on whether the new Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has sent a message he would soften the anti-Macedonian policy, by pointing that the director of the State Agency of Bulgarians Abroad said in Stip official Sofia supports Macedonian European future. Rayna Mandzhulova has visited the grave of Todor Alexandrov in Novo selo, where the 85th anniversary of his death was marked.

This has been the second visit of a high-ranking Bulgarian official over the last days. The visits followed the sharp tone between Sofia and Skopje over the arrested Bulgarian citizen Spaska Mitrova. There were threats Bulgaria could block Macedonia’s accession to NATO and EU, Kanal 5 pointed.

Unidentified people desecrated Miladinovi brothers’ monument in Struga, Dnevnik informed. The Struga municipality’s representatives said they do not take care of the monument. The edition pointed a group of Bulgarian tourists, who visited Struga during the weekend, have cleaned the monument.

Kirilica online edition paid attention to the pink BMW cars in the ministry of defense, reading the Bulgarian army was involved in a pink scandal. According to the information, the former minister of defense NIkolay Svinarov has ordered two BMW cars of the Bulgarian Army to be painted pink.

“The cars were bought black and painted pink afterwards,” said Prime Minster Boyko Borisov.

According to the edition, the matter in point was about a comic scandal.

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