Chances for having new parliamentary election are fifty-fifty, AEI lidears say


The leaders of the parliamentary majority Alliance for European Integration believe the probability for Moldova to have a new early parliamentary election [in early 2010] is currently estimated at fifty-fifty.

On Friday, the leaderships of the AEI constituent forces – the Liberal Democratic Party, the Liberal Party, the Democratic Party and the Moldova Noastra Alliance – held quadripartite consultations, after which they made statements for the press, saying, inter alia, that some Communist parliamentarians had lately undertaken attempts to come into contact, but the AEI leaders refused to talk to them.

Liberal Democratic Party leader Vlad Filat stated that an address to the majority coalition with an invitation to start dialog has to be approved officially by the Communist Party leader – outgoing President Vladimir Voronin. Without this, all such attempted contacts will remain just unserious and unofficial, Filat stressed.

The rest AEI leaders nodded in consent, adding that the Alliance would agree only to an open, official dialog with the MCP faction as an entity, not with MCP individuals.

Democratic Party Chairman Marian Lupu stated that if only things go as far as another early parliamentary election, the entire responsibility for this will be on the Communists.

And Moldova Noastra Alliance leader Serafim Urechean said that upon Voronin’s official resignation as president, Mihai Ghimpu as an acting president will sign a decree on nominating Vlad Filat candidate for premiership, after which Filat will start forming a new Cabinet.

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