OSCE, Serbian police to continue strategic partnership


The revised agreement on continuation of the strategic partnership was signed in by Interior Minister Ivica Dačić and head of OSCE in Serbia Hans Ola Urstad.

The altered memorandum of understanding envisages the provision of expert help and advice in the area of responsibility of police work, fight against organized crime, police work in local communities, training, strategic planning and development, the work of border police and public relations.

Dačić pointed out that the strategy will ensure a stable and harmonized development of the Serbian police and will respond to all challenges deriving from the EU integration process.

Dačić commended the so far successful cooperation, particularly during the adoption of the Police Law and other strategic documents, such as the national strategy for the fight against organized crime.

Urstad expressed satisfaction with the Mission’s support to MUP and its steady progress in creating an efficient, transparent and responsible police service.

Serbia is very rapidly moving towards a modern, high standard police, and it will be very important to draw the public nearer to the police, and vice versa, as there has to be a mutual trust between the two, Urstad pointed out.

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