Declaration by the Swedish Presidency on behalf of the European Union on the appointment of a Moldovan Government

The European Union welcomes the appointment of a Government in the Republic of Moldova, following the repeat parliamentary elections on 29 July.

The European Union notes with satisfaction all political contributions to the democratic process following the elections and trusts that a climate of responsible cooperation will prevail as political developments proceed.

The appointment of a Government is an essential first step, which will enable Moldova to begin to tackle the critical challenges that it faces, in particular in the context of the world economic and financial crisis, and to move forward with reforms. The European Union stands ready to support Moldova in these efforts and reaffirms its commitment to deepen and strengthen its relations with Moldova, including in the framework of the Eastern Partnership. In particular, the European Union looks forward to starting, as soon as possible, negotiations on a new agreement with Moldova that will replace and go beyond the current Partnership and Cooperation Agreement. In this context, the European Union welcomes the decision to abolish the changes to Moldova’s visa policies introduced this April, which ensures equal treatment of all EU citizens.

The European Union reiterates its call on all political actors to engage in a constructive political dialogue in order to conclude the post-electoral political process, in particular through the election of a new President.

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