If there are facts on violations during vote in Turkey elections should be annulled: Ataka leader

If there are enough facts on violations during vote at Bulgarian parliamentary elections in Turkey they should be annulled,  leader Ataka political party Volen Siderov said. He added annulling elections is Turkey is a matter of finding violations, which would be accepted by the court and the Central Electoral Commission.

“Elections in Turkey are held without the control of Bulgarian observers-they are not allowed to or everything is done in a way without real control and this gives the opportunity Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) to get the results beneficial for them,” Siderov said.

“The issue is very serious. If we finally give an example we are paying attention and are taking measures on elections results from the Bulgarian general elections in Turkey, this will be a clear sign something has changed in Bulgaria, besides the country is not ruled by the MRF and with MRF’s term of office and wants them to take responsibility for its criminally rulling,” he pointed.

According to him the Ad Hoc Committee of inquiry to verify the signals for alleged violations of the elections for National Assembly, held on July 5, 2009, headed by Yavor Notev (Ataka) would do its job and would give opportunity to competent institutions to rule.

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