Nova Makedonija: Albanians to be put in another encyclopedia

The name Albanians and the time when they arrived in Macedonia are issues that are interpreted in different ways in other encyclopedias published in the country earlier and in Former Yugoslavia, Macedonian Nova Makedonija newspaper writes.

Some back the thesis that the Albanians arrived in Macedonia in the XVI century, others call them “siptari”, wile a third group – mainly foreign authors, believe that the origin of the Albanians has not been exactly determined.

The publication refers to the General and Macedonian Encyclopedia (MI-AN, 2006), the Small Encyclopedia of “Prosveta” (Belgrade, 1970), Wikipedia, Britanica, 100 Macedonian Years 1903-2003 (MI-AN, 2004), which present different interpretations about the origin of Albanians and their place on the Balkans.

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