“Bosnian war scenario unrealistic”

International High Representative in Bosnia-Herzegovina Valentin Inzko says that domestic and foreign fears of a new war are unrealistic.

He added that Bosnian politicians had to display more responsibility in their statements.

“We should all be aware that words have additional weight in Bosnia, due to the tragic past, and everyone should be careful about that,” Inzko said in an interview published by Večernje Novosti on Friday.

He underscored that Bosnian citizens deserved responsible politicians and a policy that would lead the country forwards into prosperity and not into the tragic past, underscoring that statements played their part “because arrows hit the body, while words hit the heart.”

Following Republic of Srpska Prime Minister Milorad Dodik’s warnings of the possibility that Serb officials could quit the Bosnian institutions, Inzko replied that problems could not be solved by trying to make them even worse.

“That’s called escalation, which, particularly in this part of the world, brings nothing good. I’d like it if Bosnian politicians were a bit more aware of the effect that their public statements have, and if they were a bit more cautious in expressing their views,” he said.

“I don’t know how anyone could benefit from the withdrawal of Serb personnel from the Bosnian institutions. The RS people certainly wouldn’t,” Inzko stressed.

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