Moldova – Lupu and Voronin could not come to terms

The leader of the Democratic Party (PDM) Marian Lupu, who is the Alliance for European Integration’s candidate for the presidency, had a meeting with the leader of the Communists Party (PCRM) Vladimir Voronin on Wednesday. The Communist MP Mark Tkachuk said that Lupu and Voronin could not come to terms at the meeting. 

“Last week, the PCRM received a touching letter from the PDM, calling to friendship and cooperation. It wasn’t from the Alliance. Today, Lupu and Voronin, while drinking a cup of coffee, discussed the purpose of this letter and the possibility of such cooperation,” Tkachuk told a news conference. “The answers received to the questions put do not leave much room for optimism about the possibility of continuing the cooperation,” the Communist MP said.

“The PCRM would vote in favor of any candidate who will not represent the Alliance,” Tkachuk said, when asked if it was true that the PCRM and PDM could overthrow the Filat Government if the Communists voted for Marian Lupu. “If we vote for a candidate, we will vote for the complete modification of the format of the present administration, including the Parliament and the Government.”

Mark Tkachuk also said he is not sure that more such meetings would take place in the future.

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