Moldova – PCRM accuses the liberal-democratic governance of politicization of force structures

Republic of Moldova Party of Communists (PCRM) diffused a statement in which it accuses the liberal-democratic governance of politicization of force structures of the country.

According to the statement, „PCRM asks the new leaders of the Ministry of Home Affairs, General Prosecution, Information and Security Service to stop politicizing subordinated structures, give up the practice of personal and political revenge towards their subordinates, canalize all efforts for preserving professionalism and sustainable growth of efficiency of the law structures activity”.

At the same time, communists think that, through these actions, the new governance favours “the deliberate diminution of human and professional potential of law structures”.

DECA-press Agency specifies that, on the eve, mass-media institutions of Moldova received an anonymous letter from a so-called group of ISS officers, according to which they were obliged to make pressure on some communist MPs in order to determine them vote for Marian Lupu to become head of state.

It is worth mentioning that, throughout eight years of communist governance, the opposition political parties, including the ones governing the country today, accused systematically communists of the fact they had politicized force structures, subordinating them to PCRM.

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