Russian envoy: Bosnia no “powder keg”

Russian ambassador to Sarajevo Aleksandr Harchenko said that “he would not classify Bosnia-Herzegovina as a powder keg”.

He also said that Russia supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of that country.

“Russia does not believe that Bosnia-Herzegovina is a powder keg and believes that, despite the radicalization of the situation, there is a chance for the domestic politicians to reach an agreement,” Harchenko said.

The ambassador, who spoke ahead of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s visit, said that an agreement between the three constitutive peoples regarding constitutional reforms in possible, but that it will not be a fast process.

“Any change to the Dayton agreement, and to the Constitution, can only be a domestic product, the role of the international community should be advisory,” Harchenko added.

He said that Russia supports the continuation of dialogue, but that the “priority is the transition of the Office of the High Representative (OHR)”, Deutsche Welle reports.

“After the transition of the OHR into the role of a special EU envoy, if there is desire for doing so, the issue of constitutional changes also can be discussed through domestic talks and the help of the international community,” stated Harchenko.

The top Russian diplomatic envoy to Bosnia told the Federal TV in Sarajevo that he supports Republic of Srpska (RS) Prime Minister Milorad Dodik, “when his stance is in accordance with Dayton principles”.

Harchenko stressed that the upcoming Lavrov visit to Sarajevo will be a chance for strengthening of relations between the two countries.

He added that Russia “wants to develop economic relations with Bosnia-Herzegovina, not only the RS”.

Lavrov is scheduled to visit Sarajevo on November 5.

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