Japan Grants Bosnia Greenhouse Loan

Japan will help Bosnia reduce it green house gas emissions through a 93-milion-euro loan for a desulphurization project in one of the country’s leading thermal power plants. 

Under an agreement signed between the two countries in Bosnia on Monday, the 30-year loan with 10-year grace period is to be invested in flue gas desulphurization equipment in the Ugljevik Power Plant.

The loan will be provided through Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA, while the Ugljevik Power Plant is to invest further 24 million euros.

The Ugljevik plant is a critical part of Bosnia’s power supply as it produces one-tenth of the country’s total generation capacity. However, the level of its sulfur dioxide emissions is the worst of all the country’s thermal power plants.

The loan is expected to help reduce the sulfure dioxide emissions by 98.4 per cent and dust emissions by 66.7 per cent.

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