Dodik accepts invitation for talks

Republic of Srpska Prime Minister Milorad Dodik has accepted an invitation for a meeting between Bosnia-Herzegovina political leaders in Sarajevo.

The invitation was extended to Dodik by Democratic Action Party (SDA) President Sulejman Tihić.

The meeting is expected to be held on November 12 in Sarajevo.

Dodik said that his party, the Party of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), will participate in all domestic dialogue that does not include mediation by officials of the international community in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

“I have nothing against these kinds of meetings. It is unacceptable for the SNSD to have the meetings led and modeled by foreigners,” Dodik said, adding that he has nothing against foreign officials attending such meetings.

Officials of the U.S. and European Union were also invited to attend the talks.

Tihić said that the meeting would focus on talks regarding the necessary constitutional changes.

Talks between leading officials of Bosnian Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks and senior officials of the U.S. and EU were held at the Butmir military base on October 21, though no concrete solutions were found.

Tihić said that a need for holding such meetings in order for Bosnia-Herzegovina to be able to join the EU and NATO was made evident during the talks with American and European officials.

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