OSCE criticizes K. Albanian authorities

The OSCE has criticized the provisional institutions in Priština saying that they are not meeting their obligations toward the returnees in Kosovo.

In its report, the OSCE said that the Albanian majority in the province had taken very few concrete steps since the adoption of the strategy for reintegration of returnees in 2007 and criticized allocation of insufficient funds.

Also, it is pointed out that the institution in Priština are not providing adequate assistance in regards to accommodation, education, medical care and employment, which is a serious problem for reintegration of individuals and families, particularly among the non-Albanian communities.

We call on central and local authorities to help those vulnerable groups by allocating the necessary funds to them, stepping up coordination and sharing the information with them, as it was recommended in the report, OSCE Mission to Kosovo Head Ambassador Werner Almhofer said.

As observed by media, institutions in Priština did not comment on the OSCE report.

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