Vladimir Voronin says he is absent from Parliament’s sittings justifiably

Asked  why he missed several sitting of the present legislative body, the former President of Moldova said he recently had a lot of meetings with representatives of the diplomatic corps and with members of the party from districts and they coincided with the plenary sittings.

“It is clear that the presence of the MPs at the sittings shows that the organization (the party – e.n.) is disciplined and we should not miss the Parliament’s meetings, but I want to say that the parliamentary group of the PCRM is professional and well-prepared,” the Communist leader said.

Vladimir Voronin also said that since 1998 until present, while the PCRM has been in Parliament, the Communist parliamentary group has been the best prepared and that he is not worried when he is absent from the sittings.

“I have full trust in them. We have our own method of preparing for the sittings: who and what role should play at a meeting or another. Certainly, everything is done under my guidance,” Voronin said.

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