Up coming EU term president Spain pledges to work to make Turkey’s EU accession irreversible

Meeting with his Spanish counterpart Miguel Angel Moratinos in Cordoba over the weekend, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Turkey is very optimistic about Spain’s upcoming six-month European Union term presidency starting on Jan. 1. Stating that Turkey and Spain have strategic relations, Davutoglu said that during their meeting they discussed these relations in three categories: bilateral ties, the EU, global and regional cooperation. 

Turkey and Spain support the continuation of comprehensive talks to solve the Cyprus issue, Davutoglu said, adding that they plan to expand their cooperation in the Middle East and the Mediterranean basin towards the Balkans, Africa and Latin America.

During the meeting, Moratinos pledged that his country will do whatever it can to make Turkey’s EU accession process irreversible, adding that they agreed to open the chapters on energy, competition, education and culture during Spain’s EU presidency. Davutoglu also asked Spain to support Turkey’s fight against the terrorist PKK.

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