Small chance of Macedonia EU accession talks

img22EU foreign ministers meet in Brussels today to discuss the further enlargement of the 27-nation bloc.

It’s not clear whether Macedonia could secure a date to star its EU accession talks. The European Union is unlikely to agree to open accession talks with Macedonia despite the recent efforts by the country to pass key reforms. The bloc’s foreign ministers may seek a formula not to spark disappointment in Macedonia, but at the same time meet Greece’s demand to block Macedonia’s EU entry bid as long as the name dispute is resolved.

Diplomatic activities are ongoing in Brussels in a bid to overcome the impasse, as Greece has already made it clear that it would block Macedonia’s EU accession talks unless the name dispute is settled beforehand.

The likely conclusion of the EU Council meeting is that Macedonia would be praised for reforms it had pursued and acknowledge that the European Commission’s proposal for opening accession negotiations was based on the progress the country has made thus far in terms of reform. But, the conclusion would probably insist on good neighborly relations.

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