Serbian FM meets British counterpart

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband showed support for the progress Belgrade has made in cooperation with the Hague Tribunal, said reports.

“I stressed that Britain supports Serbia’s progress towards EU membership and the completion of the necessary conditions. Great Britain and Serbia share a vision of EU member for the entire Western Balkans region and are working to strengthen peace and prosperity in the region,” Miliband said after meeting with Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić in London on Monday.

According to the Foreign Office, Miliband said that he and Jeremić talked about several issues, including Serbia’s European perspective, relations in the region and Hague Tribunal cooperation and that he “greeted warmly the progress made by the Serbian government in this cooperation.”

Jeremić told FoNet news agency that Britain supports the integration of the Western Balkans into the EU, which is very important for Serbia.

“This year was very good as have as EU integration is concerned, I would say that it was maybe the best one we have ever had, but that is not a reason for any kind of self-satisfaction and resting on our laurels,” he said.

Jeremić adde that everything completed this year should be a platform “from which we will work harder and more actively on the process of EU integration in the year ahead of us.”

Jeremić was also scheduled to meet with members of the Foreign Policy Committee of the British parliament.

While in London, Jeremić will be holding a lecture at the prestigious London School of Economics.

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