Bulgaria Nationalist VMRO Alarmed by Newest Muslim Party

img84The latest provocation stemming from Bulgaria’s ethnic model is taking place in the country, the nationalist VMRO party warns.

In a letter sent to the media Wednesday, VMRO informs that a new party “Union for Peace, Authenticity and Culture” (POMAK) has been founded in the town of Trigrad, in a region heavily populated by Muslim Bulgarians known as pomaks – the party’s acronym.

The three main founders of the party, according to VMRO, are Kadri Ulanov, Mehmed Dorsunski and Arif Alov (Abdulah), all connected to the notorious Union for Islam Development and Culture (OIRK). OIRK was banned after it was revealed that it is being financed by Islam fundamentalists in Turkey and the Middle East.

Dorsunski is further known as the author of the propaganda book “History of the Ahryanis” (another ethnographic name of the pomaks), in which he claims Bulgarian Muslims are from Arab origin and in order to preserve the Bulgarian nation, the country must turn to the Iranian Islamic model.

“It is obvious these people are acting consistently and systematically, but we should not make a sensation of them. Sensational news about ethnic controversy breed such provocations. The authorities must act with a strong hand and not allow media campaigns,” the letter reads.

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