Montenegrin president: “Kosovo must recognize Montenegrins”

img115Filip Vujanović says that he will sign a decree appointing an ambassador to Priština “once Kosovo recognizes Montenegrins as an ethnic minority”.

“I am convinced that this issue needs to be addressed before we appoint ambassadors, because it is correct toward our community in Kosovo. It would also be a correct relation between Kosovo and Montenegro,” the Montenegrin president said.

He stated that the Montenegrin ethnic community in Kosovo “is currently in an unsuitable position” because “all other communities had their deputies in the Kosovo assembly except for Montenegrins”.

Vujanović pointed out that there were over 28,000 Montenegrins living in Kosovo according to the 1981 census, and that they were the second largest non-Albanian population after Serbs.

The Montenegrin president said that the second condition for establishing of the diplomatic relations between Podgorica and Priština was Kosovo’s “clear and verifiable position” about providing the necessary conditions for the return of displaced persons from Kosovo.

He also stated that the Montenegrin government was “careful” when it came the issue of diplomatic relations, and that he was “convinced that this would be continued”.

According to Vujanović, the Montenegrin government will make its decision about sending an ambassador to Kosovo “once it has decided that the time for it is optimal.”

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