“ICJ to consider lawsuits in single proceeding” – Serbian international law expert

Serbian international law expert Tibor Varadi says the ICJ will “probably consider Croatia’s genocide lawsuit against Serbia and Serbia’s countersuit in the same proceedings”.

“I think the most rational and logical thing is to have joint proceedings, because the suits deal with the same period and the same series of events that are best viewed together,” Varadi said.

On Monday, Serbia formally filed its lawsuit against Croatia with The Hague-based International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Varadi, who was one of Serbia’s legal representatives in the suit filed by Croatia, said that it is “unlikely that the proceedings could result in a conviction”.

“The genocide lawsuit most likely doesn’t stand a chance, because not only has the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia in The Hague not convicted anyone, but it has not even indicted anyone on charges of genocide related to the events in Croatia, so the suit will probably be thrown out,” said Varadi.

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