Bosnian Arrested for War Crimes in Sweden

A Swedish citizen of Bosnian origin was arrested Tuesday in relation to war crimes charges, according to local media.

The identity of the person who was arrested in northern Sweden is still not known to the public, except that he is 43 years old and served as a guard at a prison camp for Bosnian Serb civilians from May to August 1992.

According to media, the Swedish Prosecution Authority has connected him with investigations about serious human rights violations, murder and kidnapping.

The prosecutor Magnus Elving said the arrest followed an investigation involving 70 people, and was carried out by the Swedish national police force’s war crimes commission in cooperation with some other countries, as well as the UN tribunal in The Hague.

The prosecutor has until Thursday to decide whether to request a remand hearing for the suspect.

According to data available to diaspora associations, about 110,000 Bosnian citizens live in Scandinavia. Most fled the country during the 1992-5 war or just after it ended.

Scandinavian countries have recently begun to conduct investigations about the possible involvement in war crimes for some of them. Sweden started a war crimes investigations in 2008. Available data suggest that it faces the largest number of war crime suspects – more than 1,500.

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