Feith should be representing EU: Slovak FM

Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajčak said that EU representative in Kosovo Pieter Feith can continue to represent the EU in Kosovo.

He said Feith “must represent the member-states”, that those states do not have a united stance on Kosovo.

“The mandate of Pieter Feith is to represent the EU, which means that he must represent all 27 member-states and respect the stance of every member-state,” Lajčak said.

“I think that Feith realized this during his previous mandate, and I think that he can continue working in this position,” Lajčak said.

Slovakia is one of the five EU countries that have not recognized Kosovo’s unilaterally proclaimed independence.

Lajčak said that Feith’s plan for “integration of northern Kosovo” – the Serb parts of the province that reject the UDI and the Albanian government in Priština – does not have EU standing behind it.

“I don’t know if that plan exists and how much authorization there is. It is certain that such a plan was never discussed, nor approved by the European institutions,” he said.

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