EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele: Serbia made great progress

Serbia has made surprising progress in the last several months in its European integrations, EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele said.

He said that the visa liberalization for Serbian citizens offers a new perspective for change and cooperation. 

“The candidacy for EU membership shows that Serbia is strongly dedicated to reaching its strategic goal of European Union membership” Fuele said.

He added that experience from earlier enlargements shows that the consolidation of the rule of law is of essential importance for the functioning of democracy and the economy.

“This also represents a challenge for Serbia, where it must deal with question of the functionality of the legislature, its independence, professionalism, and effectiveness as soon as possible in the accession process,” Fuele said.

Fuele, who will be visiting Serbia on Wednesday, said that he will work hard to offer support to the Western Balkans and offer the region political direction for joining the EU.

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