EU commissioner: Bosnia on right path

European Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele said that Bosnia-Herzegovina is on the right road to achievement its visa liberalization this year.

He called on the Bosnian government to continue with its reforms, changes in the constitution and election laws, in order to hold democratic elections in October.

“It is important to implement these changes by the elections in October, in order for Bosnia to harmonize its laws with the European Human Rights Court’s decisions,” Fuele said in Sarajevo after meeting with Bosnia-Herzegovina Council of Ministers President Nikola Špirić.

The European Human Rights Court confirmed a verdict earlier this year stating that the Bosnian Constitution and election laws discriminate against citizens based on nationality, because minority officials cannot be candidates for entering the Presidency or National Assembly.

Fuele warned that the democratic character of the October elections could be brought into question if the needed changes are not implemented.

He said that the coming elections are very important for Bosnia and represent the country’s transition from the Dayton phase to its pro-European phase.

Špirić said that despite the differences that exist between leading parties in Bosnia, there are chances that the constitutional and election laws could be changed in time.

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