Moldovan PM: We are waiting for confirmations of ambassadors

Moldovan Prime-minister mentioned that the candidates` list was completed and proposed for approval to countries where our diplomats will act in. “At present we are waiting for the necessary confirmation documents. Consequently, the ambassadors` list will be approved by government and submitted to interim president for signing by decree”, said Filat.

Interim president Mihai Ghimpu confirmed that in nearest future Moldova will have new ambassadors. “I believe that they will be accredited next week”, declared Ghimpu. He noted that there will be appointed only professionals which will not disappoint public opinion. Interim president affirmed that he could not accredited the new ambassadors earlier, as there is no governmental decision in this regard yet, a fact stipulated by legislation.

For over 5 months Moldova does not have ambassadors in more than a half from foreign diplomatic missions. In November 2009, 11 Moldovan ambassadors, appointed during communist governance, have been recalled.

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