Serbia, Croatia ready defense agreement

Serbian and Croatian defense ministry officials Dušan Spasojević and Pjer Simunović, harmonized a defense agreement in Zagreb on Thursday.

The deal should be signed by the two countries’ ministers of defense, reports said.

Serbia’s Defense Minister Dragan Šutanovac was also officially invited to visit Croatia, according to the Serbian Defense Ministry’s website.

Spasojević and Simunović, who are state secretaries in their respective MoDs, discussed the two countries’ military cooperation and agreed that it could be improved.

Both sides stressed the importance of regional cooperation in defense, describing it as a significant factor in regional stability and adding that the two countries have cooperated well as part of regional security initiatives.

Spasojević met with Croatia’s Secretary for Foreign Affairs Davor Božinović as well to discuss issues related to the security and political situation in the region and the Western Balkans’ European integration.

“The two agreed strongly that it is necessary to cooperate as intensively as possible in the region and integrate the Western Balkans into the EU as soon as possible,” says the Serbian Ministry of Defense.

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