Slovenian MEP Jelko Kacin: Macedonia and Iceland to start simultaneous accession talks with EU

EU to start accession talks with Macedonia and Iceland at the same time.

This was said in the official letter send to EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule on March 23 by Slovenian MEP Jelko Kacin.

Kacin believes simultaneous start of accession talks would demonstrate “practical and efficient approach”.

In his letter, he said the start of accession talks with Macedonia would bring to “improvement of economic and political climate in Macedonia, which will have positive impact on the region, including Greece”.

Fule said that start of accession talks with Macedonia will strengthen the EU perspective in the country.

He added that it would be practical if the accession talks with Macedonia start at the same time as Iceland’s accession talks. However, that decision is left to the EU Council because the Commission has no institutional responsibility to decide when to start accession talks.

“The name talks under UN auspices will remain crucial for successful EU integration of Macedonia”, Fule said in his letter send on April 30.

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