EC to discuss Serbia’s request in June

It is time for EC to get the green light to discuss Serbia’s request to receive EU candidate status, EU Delegation in Serbia chief Vincent Degert says.

Degert said on Thursday in Belgrade that he believed that it was time that the EC received the green light from the EU member states to discuss Serbia’s EU candidacy application.

He added that the EC could in that case prepare its opinion on whether to give Belgrade a positive response by 2011.

“The Commission is ready to start the process of discussing Serbia’s request for the candidate status,” Degert stated.

He pointed out that the EU is strongly supporting combat against organized crime which is being carried out in Serbia and that it is concerned over threats to officials.

The judicial reform, a process which the EU supported with more than EUR 15mn, is also being carefully monitored, he said.

“The judicial reform should provide both efficiency and independence of the justice system,” Degert stressed.

He also invited citizens of Belgrade to join in the celebration of Europe Day and the 60th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, which set the foundations for the creation of the EU, on Sunday, May 9.

During the event that is set to last for several hours, EU representatives in the Serbian capital will speak with the citizens about current issues regarding relations between Serbia and the EU, while they will discuss education opportunities in European universities with young people.

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