Bulgaria to Help Bosnia and Herzegovina with NATO Accession Plan

Bulgaria is ready to offer Bosnia and Herzegovina practical help for the implementation of its NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP), Foreign Minister Mladenov stated.

Mladenov met in Sarajevo with his Bosnian counterpart, Sven Alkalaj, as part of his Western Balkans diplomatic tour.

“Bulgaria is not just the first state to recognize the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina but it is also committed to the security and the European future of the region,” the Bulgarian Foreign Minister declared in Sarajevo.

Bosnian Foreign Minister has thanked Bulgaria and Minister Mladenov personally for the support during the recent informal meeting of the NATO Foreign Ministers in Talin, Estonia, where Bosnia received a green light for a MAP.

The Bulgarian top diplomat has called upon all political parties in Bosnia to resolved the issue with the 69 properties of the former Yugoslavian army, which is one of the conditions that the country has to observe as part of its NATO membership plan.

“Bulgaria is convinced that the future of a multiethnic Bosnia and Herzegovina lies with the EU after the country resolves its constitutional problems,” stated Mladenov while backing Bosnia’s demand that the EU liberalize its visa regime for Bosnian citizens.

Bulgaria has also committed to raising the issue about the EU enlargement in the Western Balkans during the upcoming EU-Western Balkans summit in Sarajevo, said the Foreign Ministry in Sofia.

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