Bosnia could apply for EU this year

Bosnia-Herzegovina FM Sven Alkalaj stated on Thursday that, by the end of this year, this country could submit the application for EU candidate status.

“During September or October at the latest, we expect defining of EU foreign policy, which implies the introduction of a special EU representative for the Western Balkans. The implementation of such a policy would make it possible for our country to apply for the candidate status, without fulfilling the conditions 5+2,” Alkalaj told to daily Oslobođenje.

He emphasized that the Bosnian authorities should submit the application by the end of 2010. during Belgium’s EU presidency.

Alkalaj said that in the EU there is huge support for this option.

With regard to the establishment of the office of EU special representative for the Westerb Balkans, Alkalaj said that “this would foster the role of EU in Bosnia-Herzegovina”.

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