UN mediator Matthew Nimetz sees positive development in Macedonia-Greece name dispute

Matthew Nimetz, the UN mediator in the name row between Macedonia and Greece, said he sees a positive development in the dispute, but he didn’t table any new proposal during the late Sunday’s meeting with Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov.

“From my point of view, there is an increased feeling of confidence that this is something that can be resolved through a dialogue at a very high level, between the leaderships of both countries. This is a very positive development. I feel that now the parties speak about things within frames where there is some expectation that eventually a solution may be reached. I assess the meeting as positive and I believe that we should continue to work on this issue till we reach a settlement,” Nimetz said.

Macedonia’s negotiator Zoran Jolevski said President Gjorge Ivanov underlined Macedonia’s commitment for a timely and mutually acceptable settlement that would safeguard the dignity of the Macedonian citizens.

“President Ivanov briefed Mediator Nimetz about Macedonia’s position on this issue, and underscored the country’s commitment to work out a mutually agreeable solution that would protect the dignity of Macedonian citizens,” Ambassador Jolevski said.

Asked by reporters if there is a timetable for a settlement, Nimetz made it clear that he never sets deadlines.

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