US urges Bosnia, Herzegovina leaders to find common ground

The United States congratulated late on Monday Bosnia and Herzegovina on their general elections and urged the leaders to find a common ground to form the next government.

Assistant Secretary of State for public diplomacy Philip Crowley congratulated in a statement Bosnia and Herzegovina on its October 3 general elections saying that the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) “has assessed that the elections were generally in line with international standards for democratic elections, although certain areas, including ethnicity and residence-based limitations to active and passive suffrage rights, require further action”.

Voters in Bosnias Serb Republic voted to a nationalist party that calls for secession while parties seeking a strong federal government were the biggest winner in the Muslim-Croat half.

“We urge the countrys leaders to find common ground in support of a better future for all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We look forward to the formation of a government committed to tackling the outstanding constitutional and other issues needed to place Bosnia and Herzegovina on a firm path to Euro-Atlantic integration”, concluded Crowley.

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