PDP urges re-vote for Serb member of BiH presidency

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) — The opposition Party of Democratic Progress (PDP) on Wednesday (October 6th) called on the State Election Commission (CEC) to repeat elections for the Serb member of BiH’s tripartite presidency, due to the high number of invalid ballots. The latest CEC results, based on nearly 96% of votes counted, suggest that the invalid ballots accounted for about 9.4% of the total in Republika Srpska, an abnormally high figure. The CEC says incumbent Serb presidency member Nebojsa Radmanovic of the ruling Alliance of Independent Social Democrats won 49.76% of the votes, beating PDP leader Mladen Ivanic, a joint opposition candidate, who got 46.98% of the votes. The difference was about 15,744 votes — less than a third of all invalid votes. The CEC has not commented on the PDP’s request.

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