Serbian Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanović concerned about actions in Kosovo

Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanović says he is concerned about the tension caused by KFOR and EULEX actions against organized crime in northern Kosovo. Speaking on Wednesday, he qualified them as psychological and propaganda warfare.

Bogdanović told Tanjug that he wanted law and order to be respected in northern Kosovo and all those involved in organized crime prosecuted, but added the international forces need to carry out their actions with “more tact”.

He said that there were obvious pressures in the last few months on the remaining Serbs, and that they were being intimidated.

“I have told (Serb) municipal presidents that inhabitants of northern Kosovo must not fall for provocations. We want peace, we do not want incidents, and we are against shows of force. This is a volatile region. We must establish cooperation with KFOR and EULEX and hold meetings as soon as possible,” said Bogdanović.

The minister also warned that the action of the international security forces must be carefully planned and in cooperation with local authorities in northern Kosovo.

On Wednesday, KFOR, EULEX, and Kosovo police, KPS, increaded their presence in the northern, predominantly Serb parts of the province.

One person was arrested yesterday on charged of illegal possession of weapons. Reports initially said that the man was suspected of murder, but later EULEX said he was released by an EULEX judge, with the obligation to report to police twice a week.

An EULEX spokesman said that vehicles and citizens will be checked more often so as to establish the rule of law and grapple with organized crime, added around 50 people were involved in this activity in movable checkpoints, and that the activity would continue.

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