US and Serbia agree to strengthen relations

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Serbian President Boris Tadic have agreed that the US and Serbia should build a strong partnership on new foundations following many years of misunderstandings. Speaking at a joint press conference in Belgrade on Tuesday afternoon, Clinton praised the “great progress” made in relations between Serbia and the United States, and welcomed Belgrade’s efforts on its path towards EU membership.

Tadic thanked Clinton for coming to Serbia, saying that the country faces “challenges for which we need partnership and cooperation with the major world forces, which certainly includes the U.S.”.

According to Tadic, the meeting confirmed Serbia’s determination to build a strategic partnership with the United States and the country’s willingness to do all it can to close a dark page of its past by arresting war crimes indictees Ratko Mladic and Goran Hadzic.

Clinton’s visit to the Serbian capital comes in the wake of the UN General Assembly’s unanimous adoption of a resolution on Kosovo in September, and as EU-mediated dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina is expected to start.

Tadic reiterated that Serbia would never recognise Kosovo’s independence, but noted that dialogue should start as soon as possible and include all issues concerning daily life in Kosovo.

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