Karadžić trial adjourned

The Hague Tribunal trial of Radovan Karadžić has been adjourned this Thursday because the defendant is not feeling well. Presiding Judge O-Gon Kwon decided to adjourn the session after defense had warned the Trial Chamber that the accused was not feeling well and that he was under the influence of medication.

The judge first suggested the accused to excuse himself and his legal counsel to represent him at today’s hearing, but Karadžić refused and said that he believed he would be able to participate in the trial, because he said what he was feeling were “leftovers of a cold”.

The former RS president is charged with two counts of genocide against non-Serbian population in Srebrenica and another seven Bosnian municipalities and nine counts of persecution, extermination, murder, deportation, inhumane acts, terrorizing and unlawful attacks on civilians and taking of international hostages during the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina since 1992 until 1995.

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