United States stresses support for BiH’s territorial integrity

Rebuffing comments from a former US ambassador, the US Embassy in Sarajevo reiterated Washington’s support for a united Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Our position … remains unchanged. The US fully supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of BiH,” the embassy said. The Office of the High Representative issued a similar statement, stressing that the dissolution of BiH is impossible.

The comments were in response to a statement by William Montgomery, a former diplomat who served as ambassador to several Balkan countries. In a weekend interview with Sarajevo-based TV channel TV1, Montgomery said that even 15 years after the war, BiH remains a country where not a single problem has been solved. He added that it would be realistic to consider its partition. “Nobody in BiH should be forced to live in a country that is not functioning, and one of the possible solutions is secession of Republika Srpska and peaceful dissolution of the country,” Montgomery was quoted as saying by local media on Monday (November 1st). In its statement, the US Embassy in Sarajevo stressed that Montgomery does not speak on behalf of the US government.

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