Croatian President says Croatia’s genocide lawsuit against Serbia will not be withdrawn

Croatian President Ivo Josipović says he and his Serbian counterpart Boris Tadić will not discuss the withdrawal of Croatia’s genocide lawsuit against Serbia. Tadić is due to pay an official visit to Croatia on Wednesday.

“The government is the one to decide on the possible withdrawal of the genocide lawsuit,” Josipović stressed in a statement for the Media Service, adding that he has always claimed that the purpose of the lawsuit is beyond its submittal.

Croatian President said: “The lawsuit will not determine who the aggressor was, even though we know it, or specify the damages of war, as the lawsuit does not refer to these issues.”

We have to be aware that this is a serious case, and that the entire process will be difficult, lengthy and expensive, Josipović added.

Speaking about his forthcoming talks with Tadić, Josipović said that he would require from the Serbian president that further efforts be made in finding clues which might help resolve the fate of the missing.

The Croatian president underlined that he will insist on the resolving of the fate of all the people that have gone missing, and that the reconciliation project cannot be completed until light has been shed on what had happened and until all victims are identified.

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