Inzko suspends RS state property law

High Representative Valentin Inzko suspended a law Wednesday (January 5th) on the status of state property in Republika Srpska (RS), in a bid to avoid any legal uncertainty over ownership, pending a final decision on the legislation by the BiH Constitutional Court. “The order does not prejudge a decision in favour of any side; instead it allows the competent institution time to review the case,” Inzko said in a statement. He also called on authorities to refrain from applying the law until the court issues its ruling. All ambassadors representing countries that compose the Peace Implementation Council Steering Board supported the decision, except for the Russian representative.

The RS parliament adopted the controversial law on state property in September. It stipulates that the entity will manage, secure and protect all forms of property within its territory. RS President Milorad Dodik said Inzko usurped his authority with Wednesday’s decision and that RS therefore considers it void.

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