Bosniak, Croat Parties failed to agree on forming government

A meeting of the leaders of Bosniak and Croat parties, which began about 4 pm yesterday at the Office of the High Representative, was completed last night after 9 pm, but the politicians did not announce that a government had been formed.

Five months after general elections in the country, leaders of the mainly Bosniak Social Democratic party, SDP, and Party of Democratic Action, SDA, with the mediation of the OHR, are engaged in discussion to reach agreement with two main Croat parties, the Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, and HDZ 1990, on forming a government in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, FBIH.

At the party consultations, which began last week, the only agreement that has been reached is that the results of the meetings will not be conveyed to the public until final agreement is reached.

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