Serbian FM Vuk Jeremić: foreign governors are not a solution in Bosnia

Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić stated on Tuesday that Serbia is committed to the Dayton Accord, which ended the 1992-95 war in Bosnia.

However he added, according to reports, that it was necessary that democratically elected representatives were in power in Bosnia-Herzegovina, rather than governors appointed from abroad.

At the conference dedicated to Bosnia’s Serb entity, the Republic of Srpska (RS) and Serbia in light of new regional and global relations, Jeremić underlined that Serbia supports everything in Bosnia that is agreed upon by its three sovereign nations and two entities.

“No country can be on the course to the EU, and be ruled by governors,” he said.

Jeremić said he could not see how non-democratic countries which have governors can continue on the European path.

“Only protectorates are ruled by governors,” Jeremić said at the conference.

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