EU urges Bosnia to take control of its faith

European commission president Jose Manuel Barroso on Friday called for Bosnia to take its faith into its own hands and find a compromise to end the political deadlock blocking crucial reforms.

“We want you to move toward (European Union) membership. It is important that Bosnia-Hercegovina does not fall behind the rest of the region in this path. And for that, (Bosnia) should take its faith into its own hands,” Barroso said in Sarajevo after meeting with members of Bosnia’s tripartite presidency.

“I underlined the need to see determination, political responsibility (…) a culture of compromise in Bosnia-Hercegovina. This common vision and common desire is crucial to address the reforms that are the key to progress towards the EU,” he said.

Barosso stressed that Bosnia needed a government at state level to be in place to address the reforms the EU demands.

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