EP Rapporteur on BiH Doris Pack criticise RS referendum plan

European Parliament (EP) member and Rapporteur on BiH Doris Pack criticised on Tuesday (May 3rd) Republika Srpska’s plan to hold a referendum on the BiH Court and Prosecutor’s Office. Meeting with RS Parliament Speaker Igor Radojcic in Brussels, she stressed that the decision would not help solve problems in the country. Pack also voiced dissatisfaction with the slow pace of forming state-level authorities since the October 2010 elections.

Meanwhile, High Representative Valentin Inzko said in an interview with TV RS that RS cannot hold a referendum on issues that are not in its competencies. He reiterated that both judicial institutions were established according to the law. Asked whether he will use his Bonn Powers and impose sanctions, Inzko replied he could, but is not considering it for the time being.

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