Bosnia: PM nominated by presidency to break stalemate

Bosnia’s central presidency on Tuesday finally nominated a prime minister to end an eight-month political impasse but warned that the crisis would be exacerbated if the candidate is rejected.

The chairman of the rotating three-man presidency, Bosnian Serb Nebojsa Radmanovic, announced the nomination of Bosnian Croat Slavo Kukic but added that the candidate was unlikely to win the backing of the parliament.

“If it happens that in parliament there is no confirmation for this candidate chosen by the presidency then we are in a much deeper political crisis than we tought so far,” he told journalists, adding that he was unhappy with the situation.

“It is very likely that this candidate fails to win support in the parliament so that the presidency will have to deliver a new name within eight days after the vote in the parliament,” Radmanovic warned.

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