Bosnia parliament to vote on PM candidate

Bosnia’s Parliament will on Wednesday decide whether or not to support Slavo Kukic, the candidate for Prime Minister proposed by Social-Democrat-led coalition. 

Slavo Kukic’s chances of becoming Bosnia’s next Prime Minister looked slim, as it was clear that he has no support in Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity, Republika Srpska, RS, to become chair of the state Council of Ministers.

Bosnia has failed to form a state government almost nine months after last year’s general election, held on October 3.

The main Serbian party earlier adopted a stance that they will not support Kukic, and will only support a legitimate representative of the Croats – ie a member of one of the main Bosnian Croat parties.

Two strongest Croat parties, Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, and HDZ 1990, which both failed to enter the government of Bosnia’s Croat-Bosniak dominated entity, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, earlier stated that they will not support Kukic, even refusing to meet him during consultations Kukic held with party leaders.

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