Bosnia moves closer to form government

A state government in Bosnia could be formed in August, according to Sulejman Tihic, president of the Party of Democratic Action, SDA. Bosnian Croats are not so sure. 

SDA leader Tihic sounded an optimistic note after talks with Zlatko Lagumdzija, leader of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, and Dragan Covic, head of the Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ.

“We are close to an agreement and I expect that we might bring the solution in a single package,” Tihic said.

“This package would include five elements: a Council of Ministers, a population census, military property, state aid and the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Sejdic and Finci,” he added.

Ten months after the last general election, Bosnia still lacks a state government due to political gridlock between the leading Bosniak [Muslim], Serb and Croat parties.

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