Mitrovica Mayor in northern Kosovo refuses to remove barricades

One of the four municipality mayors in northern Kosovo expected to decide on the removal of barricades near the border has told press he won’t authorise this.

Krstimir Pantic, the mayor of Mitrovica, said that Serbs would remain at the barricade near the village of Rudare until their requests had been met.

He said that the agreement reached last week between Serb officials, NATO-led KFOR peacekeeping troops and the Kosovo government was “unacceptable” and should have been presented to the Serbian parliament before a decision was taken.

According to the Mitrocova municipal president, councillors of the northern Kosovo municipalities have been put in a “bad position” and asked to accept the agreement.

Meanwhile, Serbs from two of the other municipalities– Leposavic and Zupce- began removing barricades on Monday night.

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